Brians Prop Bee Dead

Please Note: Does not include hooks or split rings. (See size recommendations below)

Brians Prop Bee B2 is responsible for a number of big tournament wins on both the FLW and BASS tournament trails, and is a treasured secret among professional anglers. The flat-bodied Brians Prop Bee Dead is an innovative variation on the original Prop Bee B2. Unlike traditional prop baits it features an eyelet on the side rather than the bottom. Sputtering and motoring through the water with its off kilter hook positioning, it lays on its side rather than on its belly, emulating an injured bait and welcoming bass to an easy meal. Hand crafted by Brian Huskins, the Brian’s Prop Bee Dead is ready to catch fish right out of the package - without any alterations or tuning.  Built with the same durable coating and quality components as the original, the Prop Bee Dead will make a lethal addition to any anglers tackle box. 

Brian's Length Weight Class
Prop Bee Dead 2-3/4" 1/4oz Topwater

Hook/Split Ring Recommendations: Split Rings: #2 or #3. Hooks: #6 EWG trebles or #4 Round trebles.

Check out full selection of Split Rings and Treble Hooks.

3 Colors

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    Model No. PB2D-BABY BREAM
    Baby Bream
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 1
  • View Large
    Model No. PB2D-BULL BREAM
    Bull bream
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 5+
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    Model No. PB2D-REAL SHAD
    Real Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 1

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