Tournament-tested by some of the top pro's in bass fishing, including Scott Martin and Brandon McMillan, the Bruiser Baits Hog channels a classic creature bait design and adds some key improvements of its own. A deadly flip bait, its streamlined body allows it to slip in and out of cover with ease, and once it penetrates cover and gets in front of bass, it opens up with tails waving and appendages flapping - generating vicious reaction strikes. The Bruiser Baits Hog features a ribbed body for a more lifelike feel when bass bite down, as well as, two unique diamond-shaped flappers, two long tentacles, and two smaller appendages near the top of the bait that all help slow its descent and create commotion in the water. Available in a range of proven colors, the Bruiser Baits Hog is also a great choice on a Carolina-rig or cut down as a jig trailer - your imagination is the only limitation.

Bruiser Baits - Knocking out the competition.

Length Quantity
4.5" 10 

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Took this bait out last week and flipped bushes and laydowns.  The water had just come up into the cover.  This bait was the perfect size to get into the bushes(4") and was not overly bulky. The tails really moved without much effort, I'm guessing because they point outward. Only went through four baits all day and I caught around 25 bass. 

From: Marshall: KY

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