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Throw the Bruiser Baits Kickin' Frog overtop of any cover, along edges, or in open water, its profile and specially designed legs deliver a unique surface disturbance that bass have trouble resisting. Known to cause seriously explosive strikes, Bruiser Baits recommends rigging the Kickin’ Frog on any size EWG hook with a glass bead in front for best results.  Available in several proven colors, the Bruiser Kickin’ Frog kicks up the big ones.

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Bruiser Baits Kickin' Frog

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  • Baby Bass
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  • Green Pumpkin Party
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  • Houdini
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  • Junebug
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  • Lily Pad
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  • Watermelon Candy
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  • Watermelon Red
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Comments: they are way to small for me and don't kick enough water up

From: Tanner: Dover, FL

Comments: Bought these in Junebug color for just ponf hopping and WOW what a frog! They are extremely productive along weedlines at sunset in the summer. Throw them in backwaters and canals during the day over mats and lily won't be disappointed!!

From: Mitch: Commerce, MI

Comments: This frog has awesome swimming action! I like the Lily Pad & Green Pumkin Party best, throw it in the thick stuff and hold on!
BAM! the fish don't let go!

From: James: Madison, FL

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