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Buckeye Custom Painted Super Spooks - $18.99

The Buckeye Custom Painted Super Spook delivers the same legendary performance as the original Zara Spooks - now with new custom paint jobs for even more realistic presentations. One of the easiest topwater baits to fish, it walks-the-dog on command, sashaying from side-to-side on the water's surface. The Buckeye Custom Painted Super Spook is a lure that should be in every angler's arsenal.

Heddon Length Weight Class
Super Spook Jr. 3.5" 1/2oz Topwater
Super Spook 5" 7/8oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Buckeye Custom Painted Super Spooks

4 Available Colors

  • Blue Glimmer
    Size Stock Qty
    Junior 11/03
    Regular 1
  • Blue Nosed
    Size Stock Qty
    Junior 4
    Regular 3
  • Ghost Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    Junior 5+
    Regular 5+
  • Green Back
    Size Stock Qty
    Junior 2
    Regular 5+

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