A great bait to add to your arsenal the Buckeye Su-Spin Blade is a great power finesse bait that will help you when the going get tough. Traditional underspins feature one blade, but the Su-Spin features a double willow leaf setup that has become a go to blade combination for most spinnerbait fishermen. You can use the Buckeye Su-Spin with all of your favorite soft plastics or rig it with a skirt for a unique look and out fish the competition.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome bait and will straight up catch fish. Too bad the lure doesn't hold up. Went through 5 of these in a 4hr period because swivel and bottom blade kept flying off while throwing and fighting fish.

From: Kyle: Lamar, SC 5/2/14

Comments: I actually love these things. Anytime I see balls of shad in clear water I will at least throw this towards em a time or two. Hooks are kinda weak but it catches fish so i  can get over it.

From: Gabe: Collins, MS

Comments: First day of fishing the bottom spinner fell off not to happy

From: Robert: Austin, TX

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