Anglers who have experienced the tungsten difference know the extra sensitivity this dense, hard metal can give you over softer, less dense lead or brass. When you drag a tungsten weight along the bottom, you'll be able to distinguish between bottom compositions, like sand, gravel, rock, mud, and wood, much easier than with conventional bullet weights. Along with extra sensitivity, the smaller diameters of tungsten weights also allows them to slip through snags much easier than comparable lead/brass weights. All Bulk Tungsten Bullet Weights are 95% tungsten, and they also include a line insert to help protect your fishing line from fraying and breaking.

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Comments: At this price point these are the best weights hands down.  I sure know how to loose tungsten weights, however at this price i can afford, well get by, loosing a weight now and then.  Great product!

From: Dennis: Sarasota, FL

Comments: Comments:This bait is an exact replica of the Vixen and the new Paycheck baits Repo Man.  Looks like it, sounds like it, fishes like it.

Comments: I bought an assortment of these tungsten weights and am extremely pleased with the performance and price point. The insert protects the line well and I have not experienced any frayed line. I was able to thread 80lb braid without issue into the 1.5oz sinker. I will purchase this brand again.

From: Long: Cal Delta

Comments: Great Weight the insert does work and does not damage line. I highly recommend this weight.

From: Travis: Fort Pierce, FL

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