Bullfrog Anti-Rust Emitter Strips 3"

Bullfrog Anti-Rust Emitter Strips 3
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Bullfrog Rust Blocker Strips are an exciting development in the age-old battle every angler and boater has faced since the Iron Age; how to stop rust from ruining your equipment. Each Bullfrog Strip is impregnated with a chemical that vaporizes and reaches every hook and metal part in your tackle containers. Bullfrog bonds with metal to positively prevent rust. This metal-seeking vapor seals the metal from air and water that will cause corrosion and does not affect electrical or mechanical performance. To use, place one Bullfrog Rust Blocker Strip inside any enclosed space like your tackle box or any Plano or Falcon Tackle Storage container and let the anti-rust magic happen. Each strip is effective for one full year.

Contains 6 Bullfrog Strips

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