Bullet Weights Reusable Split Shot

Bullet Weights Reusable Split Shot

Split shots are very useful in weighting your line with small increments and avoiding any potentially line-weakening knots. These removable split shots from Bullet Weights are great for changing situations and allow you to adapt by adding and removing weight as the situation dictates. Current, depth, and wind are factors that will change the weight needed to keep your lure on the bottom and these split shot can do the trick.

These split shots are removable simply by pinching the 'ears' on back to open the shot. You can reuse them later.

Size Weight Quantity
B .015oz 60
BB .020oz 60
3/0 .025oz 40
7 .040oz 30
5 .080oz 22
4 .085oz 20
3 .105oz 15

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Reusable Split Shot B 60pk $1.79 3
Reusable Split Shot BB 60pk $1.79 3
Reusable Split Shot 3/0 40pk $1.79 5+
Reusable Split Shot 7 30pk $1.79 5+
Reusable Split Shot 5 22pk $1.79 5+
Reusable Split Shot 4 20pk $1.79 02/07
Reusable Split Shot 3 15pk $1.79 2

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