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Bull Frog Tool Wipes are revolutionary wipes which remove surface rust, grease, oil, and grime. Bullfrog Tool Wipes clean and protect while leaving behind a long lasting protective corrosion inhibiting barrier.

Bull Frog Tool Wipes provide a convenient form of rust prevention. Rust removal is no longer harmful for the user or the environment with the non-toxic Bull Frog Tool Wipes. Keep a container of Bull Frog Wipes in your boat, garage or shop and you can quickly protect metal surfaces from rust. Other rust prevention methods are less convenient than Bull Frog Tool Wipes and therefore probably not used as often as they should be. Bull Frog Tool Wipes make things easier to help ensure you don't leave metal surfaces unprotected and prone to rust.

  • Environmentally Safe
  • 25 Wipes per container
  • Made in the USA
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