CHT Double Wacky Hooks Weighted Rig 3pk

The revolutionary CHT Double Wacky Hook Weighted Rig is a completely new way to fish your favorite soft stick baits. The unique design of the CHT Double Wacky Hook features an expandable O-ring along the back of the shank that easily accommodates all sizes of stick bait. On the weighted version of the CHT Double Wacky Hook, the bait is oriented in line with the hook shank, so that you can place a small nail weight into the nose of the bait. This rigging option allows the bait to move through the water at a downward angle, and positions the hook perfectly in anticipation of attack. Ideal for deeper applications, the CHT Double Wacky Hook Weighted Rig will help you put more fish in the boat. Period. 

3 per pack


2 Colors

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    Model No. DWW-SD-1
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    1 5+ $4.99
    1/0 5+ $5.99
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    Model No. DWW-WDL-1
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    1 5+ $5.99
    1/0 5+ $6.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The O-rings on the size 1/0 version is sized accordingly to use a 6" or 7" Senko type bait. The size 1 O-ring is sized for a 5" Senko type bait. The O-ring can be changed out to accommodate any O-ring size.

From: Zach Thompson CHT Tackle: Alameda, CA 8/3/15

Comments: The o-ring that comes with the hooks did not work for me either, I changed the o-ring to a smaller diameter. I have caught up to 10-12 fish on one senko after doing this. 100% hook up ratio with these and no gut hooked fish. 

From: Pete: NH 8/31/14

Comments: Great idea and it works, but I seem to lose a senko with every fish I catch, somehow they pull it out or it slips off - whatever - but this really defeats the purpose (the point being to save baits) I don't have this senko loss rate with any other rigging method.

From: RS: NY 6/28/14

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