The CL8 Bait Bluegill & Crappie Swimbaits are some the most vesatile swimbaits on the market. They have the size and swimming action to make bass react to it like a cat on a mouse.  This is especially true in the springtime when bass are either bulking up or guarding during the spawn.  In either case, bass will demolish a bluegill or crappie.  Available in slow and fast sink, chuck the CL8 Bait Bluegill & Crappie Swimbaits next to a shallow piece of cover and see what happens.


-Slightly Flexible Construction - for increased durability
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Gamakatsu Head Hook
-Built-in Swivel
-Owner Split Ring & 3X Treble Hook
-Ultra Realistic Paint Schemes

CL8 Bait Bluegill & Crappie Length Weight
Slow Sink 4" 0.80oz
Fast Sink 4" 0.90oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love this lure. Durable and great action.  If they sold it in more colors, I would buy more of them.  Again worth every penny.  Dont let the size fool you. This bait catches fish.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: If we're going to correct spelling Steveo, it's spelled ARSENAL; not "arsenol".  ROLLS EYES  The bait's cute.  Wish Clayton made a bigger version.

From: Alan: WV

Comments: good lil swimbait,swims great,what I like is ya don't need big heavy swimbait rods for these,u can use your reg. Flip n pitch or jiggn rods.not to sure about the head hook but I suppose if it hangs me up a lot ill just take my linemen pliers and cut it off. I wish or hope clate reads this and will make and offer more colors for these...hint love a perch pattern or green sunfish,shellcracker or a baby bass color.but a good buy for a lil swimbait.

From: Steven: USA

Comments: this bait looks awesome,but,my 360 spinner hook,well it don't spin for crap.the hook just turns itself up onto the little plastic I thought maybe if I played with it turning it it would work itself in and get lose...wrong,instead it worked itself lose in the bait so I ended up having to epoxy it in and now it don't spin,not what I would expect with cl8 or a $30 little swimbait.I also wish it had another hook more towards the rear,cause it sometimes does get short strikes.but all n all its an ok bait,worth the $30 tag..NO.but if it catches fish that's all that counts

From: Sam: USA

Comments: Awesome action! this bait holds up to some toads... i have one of the bluegill and have probably caught over 40 fish up to 7lbs on it and it is still holding strong. A+++ bait

From: Matt: Havasu, AZ

Comments: Great bait. Catches fish. Still holding up. Enough said. SEEMS someone should be "statiing the facts" right.

From: BigRich: Southern Cal

Comments: its called a review....thats what i did big dan,and to me it seems cheaply made,take a look at that rear hing pin its smaller then a paper clip,and on mine the top hook wiggles,so im not bashing im statiing the facts on the product i recieved.and btw. its get your facts "right" not write...rolls eyes.i have an arsenol of swimbits,this one in my collection rates low,id rather pull out a tylure,rago,taterhog,22nd,or 3:16 over this guy.those to me are top quaity lures.

From: Steveo: Wind City

Comments: Just for the heck of it I read the review section on this bait and someone wrote that it felt cheaply made? Your obviously not up to speed on cL8bait products and how well they are made, the bluegill and crappi are made from the same material as the 9in. bait the company originally came out with, this material is almost shatter proof, you can bounce it off rocks all day without any worries of it breaking, get your facts and comments write before you go bashing peoples products.

From: Dan: AZ, US

Comments: subpar swimbait,kinda flimsy and has that "cheap" feeling to it.dont get me wrong it has great action.but i dont see this holding up or lasting for to many seasons,ill stay with my tylure bluegills n crappies.also not a fan of the top hook,it snags on all water plants and algie.

From: Steveo: Windy City

Comments: great paint job and a very good action.

From: Brent: USA, IL

Comments: The top hook is a little odd, but the action is great, and I boated a nice little 8lb striped bass with this thing late April.  Worth every penny. 

From: Pete: Cleveland, OH

Comments: Ridiculously great action. The slow sink actually sinks pretty quickly. Nice small bait though, and can be tossed on pretty lightweight equipment. Only fished with it once so far, in really cold water, so I was mostly testing the bait. It looks great, and have confidence that this bait will produce plenty when the water warms up!

From: Chris: MA

Comments: Beautiful bait, looks very natural in the water!

From: Chris: Escondido, CA

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