Now available in a smaller 5-inch size, the CL8 Bait CB-5 Swimbait 5” offers the same performance and features that helped the original CL8 Bait 9” Swimbait win the 2009 Tackle Tour Innovation Award.

Built from a special blend of slightly fexible material that ensures maximum durability, its four-piece design and precision engineering result in an unparalleled swimming action. Incredibly fluid and realistic, the CL8 Bait 5” Swimbait also produces minimal head movement with the action amplified through to the tail.

Featuring a 3/0 hook embedded in the head, the belly of the CB-5" comes equipped with a size-6 2X strong treble hook attached to a built in swivel, and the tail sections of the bait easily fold away exposing the hooks to ensure a solid hook up ratio.  Available in several lifelike colors, the CL8 Bait CB-5 Swimbait 5” is one of the most revolutionary swimbaits to hit the market in some time.

All CL8 Baits are hand-made personally by Clayton Bryant, who ensures unparalleled customer service. "If there is ever any problems I will take the necessary actions to make it right." - Clayton Bryant. 

Use the Floating model for incredible dead sticking action in the wind, thanks to the fluid action of its four-piece construction. Its ability to be worked super slow also enables you to work the bait in and around structure, and stay in the strike zone longer.

The Slow Sink model falls at approximately 1 foot every 2 seconds, enabling it to hang in the water column and entice the big ones into striking. Perfect for fishing in the 2-8 foot zone.

The Fast Sink model descends at nearly one foot every second to effectively target fish deeper in the water column. Ideal for fishing in the 8-15 foot zone.

Both the Slow Sink and the Fast Sink can be jerked with an enticing flash, and twitched to walk-the-dog underwater.

CL8 Bait CB-5 Length Weight
Floating 5" 0.80oz
Slow Sink 5" 0.90oz
Fast Sink 5" 1-oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I met Brandon Palaniuk during a practice day on Logan Martin and had a short conversation, I asked his fav type swim bait. His response was, he liked hollow belly swim baits most. we spoke for a few minutes, and before we parted, he stooped down to his tackle and threw this Swim Bait over to me and asked for posts to his page with results. The next morning I was back up in the current with the Swim Bait tied on 20lb mono. I caught 10 stripers from 17 to 25lbs and looseing 6 I didn't get to see, but felt good pulling drag.Look back through my facebook posts and see the Stripers it has produced. it is an awesome bait made to attract big fish, and it does that well. The down faults I discovered, I had to replace the line clasp that came on it, it couldn't handle these Stripers. I do lose fish with the 5in bait, treble hook isn't big enough, but wouldn't run tru with bigger hook. Have lost two fins in the head section from these vicious stripers. Well worth the experience I got from this bait. I can say, I'll be having another one. This one is retired for now.

From: Anniston: AL

Comments: The fast sink CB 5" swimbait is the most versatile swimbait I've thrown.  You can burn it as fast as you can reel and it tracks perfect.  The top hook is a must for headfirst strikes.  My favorite colors are Blueback Herring, Perch and Smallmouth. 

From: Kevin: Guntersville, AL

Comments: Great Bait, worth the money.  I've caught fish on it in every lake I've tried so far to include Hartwell, Keowee, Norman and Wylie.  Awesome action and very durable.

From: Drew: Clemson, SC

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