The all new CL8 Bait CB-7 Swimbait 7” is extremely similar to the CB-5 and CB-9 CL8 Baits. Ready to fish right out of the package like all CL8 Baits, it features the finest materials and components the market has to offer.

The CL8 Bait CB-7 Swimbait also comes equipped with a Gamakatsu head hook, three swivels, and a 3/0 Gamakatsu frog hook - held in place with a super strong rare earth magnet. The frog hook is painted and recessed into the bait to help disguise it, and only expose what is necessary to hook the fish. The frog hook can also be easily removed by taking out the set-screw that holds the magnet in place. Once the screw is removed the magnet comes out and treble hooks can be placed in varies locations on the swivels.

Its body is constructed from a unique, slightly flexible material, designed to help absorb shock instead of breaking and make the bait much more durable. The joints are engineered to impart a fluid life like action, while facilitating maximum movement. This helps the bait collapse in the fish’s mouth, greatly reducing the size of the bait, and increasing the hook up ratio. Available in several realistic colors, each CL8 Bait CB-7 Swimbait 7” is hand crafted by Clayton Bryant in the USA - one-by-one  - with the highest quality in mind.

The Floating model can dead stick on the surface with a lifelike wiggle from a slight wind chop, or it can be waked on the surface at a slow pace. It can also be worked a bit faster just slightly under the surface to target those finicky fish that are not willing to commit to breaking the surface.

The Slow Sink model sinks at approximately 1/2 foot per second, allowing it to hang in the water column and entice those big lazy fish into striking.  

The Fast Sink model sinks at close to 1 foot per second to target those deep fish.

CL8 Bait CB-7 Length Weight
Floating 7" 1.10oz
Slow Sink 7" 2.30oz
Fast Sink 7" 2.70oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Nice swimbait!  The swimming action is killer on this bait.   Runs true and is very durable.

From: Hale: AL

Comments: My only complaint is that the open mouth catches every bit of floating weed that gets near it. That may not be a problem in CA but in southern lakes, it's pretty frustrating.

From: David: Austin, TX

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