The wiggling action of the CL8 Bait Mighty Mouse creates a small, subtle wake much like a fleeing mouse on the surface of the water - generating strikes around trees, and bushes. The incredibly realistic body, complete with whiskers and 3D eyes, also comes equipped with a super sharp Owner treble hook attached with a hefty swivel. The bill is made out of circuit board material, which increases its durability, and a convenient coil spring attaches the tail to the bait. If the tail ever rips off another tail can be easily screwed into place so you don’t have to waste time with glue. The action generated from the tail also helps accentuate the Might Mouse's ultra realistic presentation. Available in a range of detailed colors, the CL8 Bait Mighty Mouse isn’t small on taking down big bass.

CL8 Bait Length Weight Class
Mini Mighty Mouse 1.5"
w/ tail: 3.5"
1/8oz Wake
Mighty Mouse 2.25"
w/ tail: 6"
5/8oz Wake

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I knew this bait was small but my oh my it is tiny. Even though this bait is extremely small you are able to catch an assortment of fish in all different sizes. I have not had the chance to land a bass over 3 lb because the 1-2 lbrs love this thing. Throw it on a spin rod and not a bait caster.

From: Dan: Lincoln, NE 6/28/14

Comments:  These baits are great, work them with the same rod action as youd fish a zara spook, the rat will radically do a 180 degrees per twitch. This retrieve works excellent. add a color matching bucktail to the treble hook. it will incease your bite ratio

From: Gino: CA, NJ

Comments: pretty good bait, i like how the made it very easy to change out the tail with a screw pin on the back. wakes good and looks good

Comments: These things are BAD---!!!  Great action, perfect size, and best of all BIG FISH.   Great bait for 20.00$ keep them coming TW!

From: Moose

Comments: I love CL8 swimbaits, and I got my order of today, of one of each of these mice topwaters, can't wait to throw them.  The small one, is smaller then a quarter.  I was a little surprised, but based on it's 1/8 oz weight, I should not have been.  I CANNOT wait to throw this thing.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Get hit, pretty good hook set, got about four hits in a hour with this bait. Caught three of them, and still in good shape too.

From: Trey

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