CL8 Bait Possum Wake Bait - $57.99 to $78.99

The CL8 Bait Possum is a big bait that no fish can miss. Made out of hard material that produces a knocking sound proven to call up big fish, the extremely durable carbon fiber bill creates a lot of action as well, which is then amplified through to the tail to produce an ultra realistic swimming action. The hinge section is also reverse cut, so the back section of the bait catches more water and produces an enormous wake. The super sharp Owner 3/0 treble hooks are attached by swivels, so they moves independently of the bait to keep fish pinned during the fight. A coil spring attaches the tail to the bait, making a much more durable connection between the bait and the tail. If the tail ever rips off another tail can be easily screwed into place so you don’t have to waste time with glue. A big-time bait for big-time fish, you’re gonna need a big rod and big line to throw the CL8 Bait Possum.

CL8 Bait Length Weight Class
Baby Possum 6"
w/ tail: 12"
4.5oz Wake
Possum 8"
w/ tail: 12"
7.5oz Wake

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CL8 Bait Possum Wake Bait

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    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" $57.99
    8" $78.99

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Comments: the 8" have an awesome swimming profile....can't wait till the water warms up a little.  well made baits.  will definitely nail some donkeys on these.

From: Justin: Landrum, SC 3/20/14

Comments: lol gator is a hater his bait collection is probably whacc... this is actually not that expensive. lol but welcome to the new age buddy, big bass dont want your small baits, they want big baits, the world record was caught on a 10 inch roman made. lol any wAys to stay on subject this bait is pretty cool with detail and action, tail on it has great movement. thought it be heavier but its not too bad, just my 2 cents. good luck to you swimbaiters who did buy this bait tho! BIG BASS DREAMS

From: sd swimbaiter: cali 

Comments: This is a cool lure.  Fit and finish is superb.  I have only fished mine (the baby version) once but have caught a few fish in the 2-3# range. I have no doubt I'll nail some monsters once winter is over! May take it Musky fishing this month too...

From: Kyle: St. Louis, MO

Comments: Now, isn't this special! If this was the bait that caught a new world record bass, I still wouldn't pay $75 for one! If it was $5, I would get one to display in hopes that lady guests would say "isn't that lure cute"!

From: Gator: Three Rivers, TX

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