The CL8 Bait 9" Trout Swimbait is the result of five years of research and development in high-pressured Southern California lakes. The CL8 Bait is a hard swimbait featuring resin-construction, three joints and a soft tail and fins. Oversized eyes, an intricate scale pattern, and natural paint scheme result in an extremely realistic bait, but also are evidence of a product in which no detail has been overlooked.

What really sets the CL8 Swimbait apart from other high-end trout baits is that the lure bristles with well-disguised Gamakatsu hooks in all the right places. A single top hook is sure to pin any fish grabbing the bait by the head. The bottom hook is a 4/0 Extra Wide Gap double hook, hooking fish attacking from below, and a 2/0 Extra Wide Gap Treble at the tail of the bait finally brings a solution to the problem of short biters, without having to employ bulky, profile- and action-ruining stinger rigs. Both of the rear hooks are held securely in channels by magnets. This ensures that the bait swims correctly on every cast and are in strike-ready position at all times while allowing the hooks to swing freely, making it more difficult for big fish to throw the hook during the fight. In addition, each hook is painted to blend in with the color of bait.

CL8 Bait 9" Swimbait Weight
Floating 4.4 oz.
Slow Sink 4.7 oz.
Fast Sink 5.2 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a follow up to my previous review. CL8 bait got back to me and they are replacing my bait no charge.  Greatly appreciate that service. Hopefully I can hook into a monster!

From: Jaime: Clovis, CA

Comments: I bought the baby bass and when I first got it I was very impressed.  It looks great and the hooks are awesome, magnetic hook keepers are sweet and it has a lot of attention to detail.  So after throwing this bait about 20-30 times in hope of catching a giant, the entire tail broke off!  I was in shock and disappointed to say the least.  I emailed CL8 in regards to warranty or replacement and have yet to hear back from them!  At 80 bucks a pop you would think that this bait would be more durable and I was also expecting to hear back from CL8 promptly considering there aren't a lot of consumers out there willing pay 80 bucks for one bait.  Extremely dissatisfied and wish I would have just bought more Huddleston's or bought another Roman Made for my those are fish catching baits!

From: Jaime: Clovis, CA

Comments: I'm quite frustrated with this bait at the moment... I've been throwing the slow sink for the last 3 months religiously and I must say it's the best big fish locator I've ever fished. I've located 20+ green over 5 lb and most of them were over 7lb. I've had approx 8-10 fish over 7#'s chomp this thing and they have all come off rather quickly. My biggest one was over 10lb and that's a big damn fish here in Washington! Hence my frustration... still none in the boat. This lure is a beauty in the water and I'm confident I'll get a monster to finally choke it. Perhaps postspawn. Maybe my cl8 bait is cursed haha. I'll write another review for this later in the year if I can finally put em in the boat.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: Im only thirteen and I got this for my birthday, the first day I got a 7 and a 10 pound largemouth, I also got a mamoth 6 pound smallmouth on the end hooks, the hooks are exellent and this lure(baby bass) is totally worth the money, that is if you want huge fish.

From: Ronaldo: Plymouth, MA

Comments: We put the hammer down on some n. Utah bass with the perch . In fast and slow mode. This rig is the real deal. First

From: Nam: Ogden, UT

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