CS Quick-Coat Paint Marker - $3.99 to $4.99

The answer to lure customization, the CS Quick-Coat Paint Markers are perfect for drawing eyes, gill plates, dorsal lines and scales onto your hardbaits.  Easy to use and made to dry very quickly, the CS Quick-Coat Paint Markers are ideal for making needed changes on the water.

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CS Quick-Coat Paint Marker

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  • Black
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $3.99
  • Chartreuse
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $3.99
  • Gold
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $3.99
  • Red
    Stock Price Qty
    5 $3.99
  • Silver
    Stock Price Qty
    4 $3.99
  • Super Glow Chartreuse
    Stock Price Qty
    5 $4.99
  • Super Glow Green
    Stock Price Qty
    3 $4.99
  • Super Glow Red
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $4.99
  • White
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $3.99

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Comments: These work great!! Just need to add one in Orange, Sky Blue and a Natural/Dark Green please!!

From: Charley: Oakley CA

Comments: This is for Will from Missouri who previously commented. This marker is not for soft baits- it's for hard baits (which is stated right in the product description). So yeah, I would imagine you probably are having a tough time marking your worm.

From: Dan: Hillsboro, FL

Comments: It seems CS Quick-Coat has taken a simple tool and made it way to complicated. The box comes with a variety of tips for what fits your preference. However you have to shake the marker to get the color to the point. The box suggest 30 seconds. So after I shook my marker I tried to fancy up the tip of my worm. After a few strokes I finally can see a little bit of color starting to show up. So far not impressed I will stick with the Zoom markers.

From: Will: Joplin, MO

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