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The Canyon Plastics Swim Doctor was developed to address several concerns that arise when throwing big baits. How do you make a strong, realistic bait that won't break apart after catching a couple of fish? How do you reach deeper fish? And most importantly, how do you keep the bait weedless and still get a hook in the fish when you get bit? To create a realistic looking swimbait body, Canyon molded a plastic encased lead weight with a hole bored through it, allowing line to feed through the bait. This system keeps the line inside the hard plastic so when a fish is hooked, the line will not cut through the bait. The weedless part is accomplished by providing the lure with a huge single hook that can be Texas rigged. Texas-style. The Swim Doctors can also be flipped or pitchedinto thick cover due to their weedless design.

  Length Weight Class Swim Doctor 6" 1.4oz Sinking

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Comments: This bait is a shameless rip-off of the Mission Fish. Buy the original and help starve the copycats out of business. And, the Mission Fish is a FAR better bait.

From: David: TX

Comments: Like Max said put your money into the Mission Fish. This bait does not have near the action.

From: Jacob: Oceanside, CA

Comments: A copy off of the 3:16 Mission Fish. And after fishing both, I know that you can't beat the original. Put you money into the Mission Fish! Well worth it.

From: Max: C. Cal

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