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Carolina Lunker Sauce is a high tech polymer based formula that adheres to soft plastic lures. Unlike traditional petroleum based products, Carolina Lunker Sauce is water soluble and will slowly release a scent trail that will last for over 30 minutes. Gain the unfair advantage over fish and other anglers with a scent formula so powerful and long lasting, it out fishes the competition 3+ to 1. Carolina Lunker Sauce is designed for use with with all soft plastics, including worms, creature baits, grubs, jigs, trailers, skirts and spinnerbaits.

Comments:  This is the best fish attractant I have ever used.  I had tried everything before this and nothing preforms like Carolina Lunker Sauce.  Dont get me wrong there are other attractants that catch fish but nothing like this. I know it doesn't look like a lot but it lasts a very long time and it really only takes a couple drops to marinate 20 soft baits.  I like to let the baits marinate in a plastic bag over night. The only complaint I have is it is a little pricy. Over all it is a great product and i highly recommend it.

From: Jake: Clemson, SC

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