Carolina Lunker Sauce Freshwater Pro Gel is exclusively designed to be applied to hard baits. Carolina Pro Gel creates a time release bond with crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater plugs and spoons. Carolina Pro Gels are water-soluble and leaves a scent trail in the water column.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Perfect when the fish are biting light. This makes them hold on the extra second longer when you prepare to set the hook. My favorite is the crawlic. I use this exclusively on jigs and any crawfish imitation that I texas rig.

Comments: Not sure about this product... I liked the sound of this & recently got the Crawlic flavor... I put several drops in with new bags of Xcite craws, Megastrike bugs, Biffle Bugs, Culprit craws & others... After a couple weeks now I'm moving these to a plano box & the color is bleached out of the Xcite, culprit & Megastrike baits and the surface of baits looks weathered & kind of stippled... Weird. Excite baits took it the worst - went from green pumpkin to a soft hazy puky green. Maybe I'll catch more with the new color. Until then this won't be my marinade any more... The Biffle Bugs in 'Sooner Run' didn't lose color I don't think, but don't look new, did something to the surface... Culprits only bleached out a little bit...

Comments: I have this in crawlic and I can't say that it is the reason I catch fish but I do think it makes a difference. I don't really use scents but I think I will from now on. This helped me to catch my biggest bass ever. I use it on anything I throw.

From: Connor: Cleveland, OH

Comments: This is a great product.  Personally I use it on all baits, not just hard baits.  Works great on worms and jigs.  Lasts in the water and I believe makes a real difference.  Best thing is that it won't spot your carpet or your clothing.  Water soluble.

From: Bill: Owasso, OK

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