The most technologically advanced rod series E21 has created to date - the E21 Carrot Stix Micro Guide Casting Rods feature an ultra-sensitive blend of high-modulus graphite and nano bio-fibers in their proprietary blank construction, as well as, 11 new Fuji Micro Guides (including the tip). Aside from greatly reducing the rods weight, the Fuji Micro Guides also provide 20% better load distribution, resulting in greater sensitivity, no line tangles, and no line flutter during casting. With 21 grams removed from the tip section of each rod, E21 was also able to increase casting distance by an additional 10%.

Proprietary Reel Seats furnish complete access to the rod blank for maximum sensitivity transfer, while still providing a solid, lightweight (nylon 6 with a graphite filler) base for your favorite casting reel. Extremely lightweight – each E21 Carrot Stix Micro Guide Casting Rod is 3/8-of-an-ounce lighter than its respective predecessor, making them some of the lightest, most sensitive rods available today.

-Backed by an Original Owner Lifetime Warranty.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring advanced, new blank technology, as well as, premium Fuji components, the new top-of-the-line Carrot Stix Gen X Elite Casting Rods deliver ultra light performance like only Carrot Stix can.

  • Delivering top-of-the-line performance from Carrot Stix, the Carrot Stix Pro Grade TI Casting Rods feature advanced Graphite and Nano Cellulose Bio Fiber blanks and premium Microwave guides.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Not bad so far. Just wish the handle was a couple inches longer. Been throwing 7-9" slammers with bass up to 4lbs. Feels good so far, much more moderate action than the wild black rods. 

From: Justin: Landrum, SC 4/1/14

Comments: Oh wow, this thing is nice. Great action and you can fling it to China. My first fish on it was about 9 inches, so don't let the size scare you. It's a Megabass bait, so you will have to pay to play.

From: John: Canyon, TX

Comments: I had a carrot stix snap on me right above the reel seat on a hook set. I got 2 very prompt reply's from the company when I e-mailed them. They sent me a claim form and are more than happy to help with replacements. I think Catronics is the name of the company that bought out e21.  Their telephone number is 909-256-0654. E-mail them @ CS@E21sports.com

From: JDubs: NV

Comments: new company has taken over. if you have any of them they will be glad to replace them now. Give the new company a chance to make things right.

From: Mark: lawrenceburg, tn

Comments: love the rod but if it breaks, good luck getting it fixed. I have tried every day for 3 months with no response.

From: Mark: lawrenceburg, tn

Comments: I have a 7 foot extra heavy carrot stix that I bought the year they were released and never had a problem with it. I have uesed for frogging with 65lbs braid and punching with 80lbs braid. Never once had a problem. Great Rod !!!!!!!

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw River, MB, SC.

Comments: Bought the 8ft extra heavy. First fish of the day a 3lber snatched him completly out of the water from 10 feet away and hit me in the chest. Great rod, Luv it.

From: Brent

Comments: I boat flipped a 2lber and snapped the rod between the 2nd and 3rd guide. I'm done buying from e21.

From: Andy: MA

Comments: Had the 6'9" med for a year. Love how light an extremely these rods are. However, the other day I got snagged on a log and gave it a little tug. The rod snapped between the reel seat and the first guide. I didn't contact the company to get a new one because I really don't want another rod that has a reputation for breaking.

From: Vince: NJ

Comments: best worm/jig rod I've fished wit,7'3mh.wudnt trade NO other rod on da planet for it

From: BFL co-angler: SC

Comments: I have owned 5 stixs. I still have 3. I did have a spinning rod break on me on the hook set but thats it. I own two micro rods now. They r a little stiff bu the light weight and sensitivity make up for that. I think people break this rods because they r stiff and they throw 65lb braid on a reel and throw it on the rod and set the hook so hard to jerk the fish out of the water and something has to give somewhere. even the best rod would break. If your looking for one of the most sensitive rods on the market this it. Customer service does suck like Danny said, but if you do get ahold of them they will send you a new rod.

From: Josh: TN

Comments: look guys the 8 foot medium light rod is not the best rod, its got great fish fighting ability, but as far as durability its horrible. I have had two break on me just by simply casting please watch out with the 8 foot medium light!!!!

From: Kaleb: Lakeland, FL

Comments: i dont no how yall say these things break so easy i frogg flipp and punch with the cranking rod like it says 3/4 wiegh i punch with a 2 ounce the dint break im 13 and reclace and they dont break

Comments: Bought a 7' extra heavy and paired it up with a quantum tour for my frogging.  First time out with it landed a 7 pound Largemouth.  Rod handled like a champ.   Rod is simply amazing!!!  Well done Carrot stix!!!

From: Anthony: NY

Comments: I own 12 carrot stix for over 2 years. I own all the models even the wild green.  The only one i had a problem with is the Wild models.  All my other models have taken a beating and they have not broke yet.  Customer Service is horrible though,  tryig to get a hold of someone took 2 weeks, and I had to call everyday before they called back.  I love my rods though

From: Danny: TX

Comments: this rod has caught me many fish it really has I have a eight foot, flipping stick and a 8 foot medium light rod, which yesterday got snapped  in half, while casting a 1/2 lipless crank bait, got another one just hope the same thing doesn't happen again!

From: Kaleb: Lakeland, FL

Comments: I've had 6 of these rods (various sizes) for almost two years. I had not had one problem with any of them. Even the guides are sturdy and glued very well.

From: Ryan: Collierville, TN

Comments:  I absolutely love this rod. The few that I have had taken a beating and I have not broke one yet. I use this rod for inshore fishing too and it handles Redfish great. 

From: Danny: TX

Comments: Got the 7'6" heavy for jigs and frogs its beast, simply amazing got it paired up with a abu garcia revo

From: Bryan: TN

Comments: i love mine iand if anybody broke these something is wrong with them i punch frog flip crank worm i love it there not as breakable as people say they are i have closed mine in doors hit with fan poked ceiling nice rod

Comments: I have two of these rods. One is 6'9" med and the other is 7'3" med/heavy. Extremely light weight and extremely sensitive. So sensitive infact, I question how strong these rods are. They almost feel brittle. But I havn't broken one yet. Love em so far.

From: Vince: South Jersey

Comments: Caught a 10lb 4oz largemouth on my new 7' XHeavy microguide last week.  Handled it with no problem.  I have it matched with a Patriarch XT spooled with 30lb braid and it is a great combo for worm and jig fishing.

From: Tye: Texas, USA

Comments: a good rod but i think the tip is a bit tough

From: Peter: Alabama, USA

Comments: To add on, simply seeing this rod my brother burst into tears saying it was so beautiful. Great rod.

From: Manny: Felton, CA

Comments: Well bad epoxy but good guides and a sweet blank oh and these guys and irod are the only ones who place the line tie in the right place.

From: Manny: Felton, CA

Comments: Just got a new 7'6 heavy micro guide and the micro eye has already pulled loose from the rod these were designed very crappy, they should have put two prongs on the eyes instead of one and double wrapped them so very agitating to see that a $200 rod does this after 2 days.

From: Tray: Alabama, USA

Comments: This is an amazing rod!!!!!! i just got mine and the micro guides are really the new high tec. of fishing.....I can cast so much farther!!! I just caught my first 3 bass of of in off a war eagle spinnerbait........amazing!!!!! I reeled those fish in with no problem.

From: Henry: Walnut Creek, Ca

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