Cashion Casting Flipping Rods - $179.99 to $199.99

Cashion Casting Flipping Rods

If you love to flip and pitch big lures to thick cover, the Cashion Flipping Rods offer the sensitivity, power, and balance you are looking for in a quality flipping stick. Handcrafted one-rod-at-a-time in Raleigh, NC, each rod is perfectly balanced so the tip slightly rises up, because Cashion Rods knows how grueling a day of flipping with a heavy tipped rod can be. The uni-directional manufacturing process used to create the premium carbon fiber blanks also ensures unbeatable sensitivity, strength and responsiveness, and a Fuji blank-exposed reel seat provides direct access to the rod blank, as well as, a solid base for your reel. Fuji Micro Guides help you make pinpoint casts to small openings in cover, and also further reduce weight. Rounding out the advanced features, every rod is equipped with a carbon fiber split grip handle that also further transmits vibrations from the rod blank to your fingertips. Carbon fiber provides a stronger, lighter, more robust alternative to common foam or cork handles, while also furnishing a comfortable texture with plenty of grip. If you are tired of losing fish in brush, piers, or other structure, you need to experience the power of a Cashion Flipping Rod.

Click Here - to check out Cashion Rods pro staffer, Anthony Gagliardi, catching some Summertime bass.

Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty. Buyer must register rod with Cashion. 

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Cashion Flipping Rod 7'6" Medium Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-50lb 1/4-1oz 10+Tip Cashion Flip A
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15-1/2" $179.99
Cashion Flip A

Cashion Flipping Rod 7'6" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-65lb 1/4-1 1/2oz 10+Tip Cashion Flip A
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15-1/2" $179.99
Cashion Flip A

Cashion Flipping Rod 7'11" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 17-65lb 1/2-2oz 10+Tip Cashion Flip B
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17" $199.99
Cashion Flip B

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  • Scientifically designed and loaded with advanced features, the Cashion Topwater and Jerkbait Casting Rods will take your topwater and jerkbait fishing to the next level.

  • Cashion Rods took a scientific approach in designing the Cashion 10XD Crankbait Rod to provide all the attributes you need to fish big, deep diving crankbaits like the 10XD.

  • Designed specifically for tossing hollow bodied frogs and hauling huge bass out of the slop, the Cashion Frog Casting Rods deliver all the performance and advanced engineering anglers have come to love from Cashion Rods.

  • Delivering precision, technique-specific performance for fishing Umbrella-rigs, the Cashion Umbrella Rig Casting Rod has what it takes to tackle one of the hottest crazes in bass fishing.

  • Loaded with advanced features and technology, including Fuji Micro Guides and Carbon Fiber Grips, the Cashion Casting Rods are made in the USA for anglers looking for a competitive edge on the water.

  • If you love to flip and pitch big lures to thick cover, the Cashion Flipping Rods offer the sensitivity, power and balance you are looking for in a quality flipping stick.

  • Constructed from all carbon fiber with the ideal tapers and powers for fishing crankbaits, the Cashion Crankbait Casting Rods help you know exactly what your plug is bouncing off of and capitalize on strikes.

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Comments:  I have a couple good rods mainly carrot stix and all star.  I purchased one of cashions flipping sticks for frog and heavy cover fishing.  I am really impressed with the amount of backbone this rod has while still maintaining a flexible tip.  This is by far the best rod I have ever owned, also the most expensive.  In my opinion this is a great rod for the price, well worth the price tag.  I will purchase more when the time comes.

From: Eric: Houston, Tx

Comments: I own the 7'3" and 7'6" medium/heavy flippin rods. Both have turned out to be great ! I use both for frogging too. Plenty of power and cast the frogs with ease. Cashion rods are the real deal ! Definately not sponsored by them either. Just a weekend warrior.

From: Chris: TN

Comments: The 7'6" Heavy is amazing! Down in florida we need big sturdy sticks, the cashion delivers! A great flipping stick! If the grip gives you blisters you need man hands! and im not sponsored! they just need to make an extra heavy 7'11"

From: Mike: rIVERVIEW FL

Comments: I have had Cashion Rods since Febuary and really like them.  I have been talking to Matt Cashion for about 2 years and finally broke down and bought 2.  Let's just say that I will be getting more.  Awesome rods.  Great quality.  Great Warranty if needed.  Matt is a local family man and a very good person in general.  I have some top quality rods and I like Cashions the best so far.

From: Mark: Durham, NC

Comments: funny thing is all the people leaving positive feedback are sponsored by cashion!! I won one of these at a tournament and it sucks!! Grip will leave blisters on your hand. Other than that not a bad rod but can spend less and get more!!

From: Jon: NC

Comments: I have used Cashion rods for 19 months now and I dont feel the stiff biting feeling from the handle it feels smooth and it also makes the rod very sensitive. these rods are used by alot of local and regional pros in the area and no one that I know that uses them complains. I have at least one of every rod they make and up to 4 of certain models I think someone wants to give Cashion a bad name. I even have several prototype rods from them and none of them ever have and glue spots or gobs on them besides if they did I am sure Doc Cashion would replace it free of charge 

From: Tracy: North Wilkesboro, NC

Comments: Here's the first real feedback Cashion's had: Rod came in the mail, immediately I noticed how uncomfortable the carbon fiber feels in your hand - stiff and biting. Then I noticed an insane amount of excess black goop glue used on the butt section of the rod and adhering the blank to the carbon fiber. It looks rushed and cheap. Beyond that, the 7'6 H I purchased has a really stiff tip, when it should  have a fast tip to ease flippin` baits all day. This is truly a broomstick.

From: Bud

Comments: Get ready to take your cranking to a new level! These rods are by far the best rod I have ever owned. Great job Cashion!

Comments: WOW, best rod you can buy!!!

Comments: Best rod on the market period!!!! I have been a G LOOMIS man for 15 years but recently decided to make a change. I have six of the new Cashion Rods including a couple flipping sicks, crankbait, casting, and spinning rods. Each rod is amazing and the sensitivity will blow you away! The price is crazy in my opinion. These rods should sell for much higher, and are made in the USA!!!

From: Chris: Kannapolis, NC

Comments: Cashion Custom Rods are very good rods!! I have a 7'6" Med Hvy Flip/ Pitch that I bought locally before they were available on T.W. I can't speak for the other models, but my experience with this rod has been nothing but positive! VERY VERY WELL BALANCED and EXTREMELY SENSITIVE!! I say this being aware that almost everyone says the same thing about their favorite rods but I have many Duckett rods and I feel this rod is slightly better balanced and I can feel more with this rod. Also my Cashion rod is a slightly older model as it does not have the newer style Fuji reel seat but it does have the micro guides. Although I love my Duckett rods I would have more of these Cashion Rods had more been available from my local shop. Now that TW is carrying them I will definately be procuring a few more. Just in case you're wondering...I find the carbon fiber grip to be very comfortable and it is not slippery like I first thought it would be. Pretty lightweight too my 7'6" flipping stick weighs 6.5 oz.. HIGHLY  RECOMMEND these rods!

From: Vance: Asheboro, NC

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