The Castaic Rock Hard Swimbaits are crafted to precisely mimic the body shapes, textures and colors of the most prolific forage of large bass. Their triple-jointed construction and RealSwim technology provide them with some of the most authentic swimming motions possible - at fast or slow retrieves - and each bait also features Castaic's patented Magnetic Hook Holder and Tri-Claw Hook System. The Hook Holder ensures the Tri-Claw Hook stays tight to the lure's belly at all times, providing a streamlined presentation and a rock-solid hookset. Hand-painted with the most life-like fish pattern possible, choose the model you think will work best in your local waters. The Castaic Rock Hard Swimbaits set the standard in swimbait design.

Castaic Length Weight Class
Rock Hard Swimbaits 4" 1/2oz Slow Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The swimming action and appearance was great, but the durability leaved a lot to be desired. The magnetic hook holder which worked great dropped off and disappeared after a few hours of use, and a few days later one of the fins snapped off. ...

From: Thomas: New Zealand

Comments: Had the 6 inch model, first bite lost the tail section and reeled in the rest of the swimbait. Pretty pathetic, looks good but not impressed with the quality of the product.

From: Travis

Comments: Had a 40" est. Tiger Muskie slam one of these on a local lake.  Bait held up great and stuck it good!  Has an awesome swimming action and the magnetic hook holder helps keep the hook from dragging across stuff and snagging.  Very versatile bait, love it.

From: Ryan: Central MA

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