Castaic Baits Catch-22 Swimbait Slow Sink

Castaic Baits Catch-22 Swimbait Slow Sink

The Castaic Catch-22 Swimbait features Real Swim technology and a Kevlar InnerArmour skeleton for unmatched durability. The Castaic Catch-22 is unique in that it is the first swimbait with a minimum-catch guarantee. If you land fewer than 22 bass before your lure becomes un-fishable, Castaic will replace it with a brand new one.

The Catch 22 features a patent-pending flexible "InnerArmour" skeleton that prevents the bait from tearing and losing its natural swimming action. The Castaic "No-throw" sliding hook system allows the bait to slide freely up the line when fish are hooked, yielding better hooksets and fewer lost fish. A magnet hook-keeper keeps the hook in place while casting and retrieving the bait.

From a slow crawl to a burn, the Castaic Catch-22 will run naturally, and will outlast most other soft plastic swimbaits.

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    Model No. C224SSR
    Rainbow Trout
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    10" 5+ $22.99
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great swimming action but worst durable among all her swimbait sisters. Very thin rubber joints, easilly breakable. Had two of those and caught 4 basses, then it was totally rip up. Second one lost the tail after the first pike bite.If you have money to throw away it's a good choice due to its fantastic swimming action.

From: Enrico: Italy 2/7/17

Comments: this swimbait is great ive caught alot of bass on this bait. there is only two problems 1. you cant rig a hook on the tail or it wont swim right. 2. they rip easily. other wise this is on of my favorite swimbaits


Comments: I bought the 6" bait and it swims great! It swims right and with a realistic S shaped wide swimming motion. It swims right, from a slow retrieve to a fast burning retrieve! I haven't caught anything on it it but I think it won't take long for it to happen! One of my favorite swimbaits! I just would like to see the sunfish/bluegill Catch-22 here in Tackle Warehouse because there are no trout where I fish and I would like to "match the hatch".

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: Simply put, this lure is absolutely not worth the money.  I bought one of the 4-inch versions, and for as small as it is and for the price, the lure should look good and swim right.  This wasn't the case - there were threads from the skeleton hanging out all over the place, the pupils weren't on the center of the eyes, and, best of all, the weighting system wasn't centered correctly in the bait.  Suffice it to say, the lure did not swim straight.  I complained to Castaic, and, to their credit, they sent me two for the price of one.  However, the same lack of detail and poor quality control were evident on the replacement lures.

One of the replacement lures did swim correctly - barely - but their application is extremely limited.  The placement of the hook eliminates throwing this thing into any type of bottom cover.  I tried adding a top hook several ways and could not get the bait to run right.  Strike one.  For all intents and purposes, this might as well be a topwater bait - it planes up immediately once the retrieve is started, and, no matter how slow you go, you can't get the thing to run deeper than about 2 feet.  Strike two.  Add in the awful quality control, and strike three, this thing is OUT.

From: Ron: CA Delta

Comments:I recently bought this bait in 4" size and it was terrible! I used it and it worked for a little bit. Then the rubber completely ripped off the "inner armor". I then tried to send it back to get a replacement and I'm still waiting for the replacement to come back! DO NOT BUY THIS LURE

From:Michael: Corpus Christi, TX

Comments:Disappointed in the overall size of this product. Purchased (2) of the 4" size and backordered (2) in a 6" size. Overall length is actually 3 3/4" and very slender in overall size. Bait actually looks closer to 2 1/2" in size a quick glance. Undecided on whether to return the product or to try to use. Very satisfied with Tackle Warehouse anticipated shipping dates, and customer service. The (2) 4" baits arrived on the anticipated arrival date. Thanks UPS and Tackle Warehouse.

From:Steven: Bristol, TN

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