Castaic Baits Hard Head Trout Real Baits

Castaic Baits Hard Head Trout Real Baits

The Castaic Baits Hard Head Trout Real Baits were some of the original swimbaits that started the big-bait craze in California. As realistic as they looks in the package, the Castaic Baits Hard Head Trout Real Baits are even more lifelike once they’re in the water. The hard head design incorporates a durable bill, which allows it to run below the surface, and gives life to the patented HybriSwim body – a soft, single jointed body that delivers an unbelievable swimming action. In addition, the snap-on body also disengages when you’re fighting a fish, and can easily be switched out if it becomes damaged, or a different color is preferred. Available in a variety of sizes, the Castaic Baits Hard Head Trout Real Baits will have no problem attracting all sizes of bass in the six or nine-inch models.  The twelve-inch model is for real trophy hunting. For best results, use a seven to eight foot rod, medium to medium-fast action rated for a twenty-five pound line. Throw the bait across flats and points, find the cranking speed that delivers maximum action from the bait and hang on, the bites can be savage enough to rip the rod right out of your hands!

Floating: The floating version is great for fishing along the surface, and with a little practice you can have it slapping the water occasionally like a wounded or stunned trout struggling to swim down.

Slow Sinking: The Slow-Sinking version is perfect for fishing a little deeper with a slow retrieve or in shallow waters with a slightly faster retrieve. Just cast it out, count it down, and then find the retrieve speed that delivers the most action. 

Length Weight
6" 2-oz
9" 5-oz
12" 11-oz

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    Model No. HH6BBSLOW
    Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" SS 2 $13.49
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    Model No. HH6R
    Rainbow Trout
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    6" F 5+ $13.49
    6" SS 2 $13.49
    9" SS 5+ $31.49
    12" F 3 $35.99
    12" SS 4 $35.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: bought 2 of these they looked awesome out of the package and swam really well. Both baits separated head from body in less than 20 casts n zero fish.  Sent 2 emails to Castaic and never heard anything.  Even tried to epoxy them back together but they did not last.  Junk!!

From: Graig: Weare, NH

Comments: i purchased the 6 inch ss baby bass and the bait wast tuned ad swam completely on its side and i figured id tune it just like a crankbait. the head started to crack in half when i tried to bend the eyelet. the baits head is cracked in half and it still doesnt swim straight. BUT i emailed castaic to tell them what happened and just recieved an email back that said to send it back and they would send me 2 in its place. if you ask me that is great customer service!

From: Justin: Washington, D.C.

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