The Castaic Baits Platinum Baby Bass is packed with such a high level of detail and lifelike action that you might mistakenly place it in the livewell - instead of the tacklebox. The shape of the Castaic Baits Platinum Baby Bass is cloned from an actual baby bass, ensuring that every inch is built exactly to scale. In order to give it the best possible action, Castaic Baits built the Platinum Baby Bass with their patented RealSwim technology.

When water passes over the joints of the bait, it creates a swirling, vacuum effect and sucks water into the opening, causing water on the opposite joint to be pushed out. The pushing and pulling process is the secret behind the RealSwim technology, and is what moves the body from side-to-side, creating its incredibly fluid swimming action. In addition to its lifelike look and action, the Castaic Baits Platinum Baby Bass also features a patented Magnetic Hook Keeper and a Tri-Claw hook system, which pins the treble hook snugly to the body of the bait. Hand-painted and is flush with textural intricacies, the Castaic Baits Platinum Baby Bass will pull the wool over any basses’ eyes.  

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait has a legit swimming action, you just got to get it moving. And when its just sitting there straight, if you twitch it,it has amazing darting action. My Experience with the bait:Fishing as its about to get dark, and im pulling in and see it getting followed, it gets followed up to a bed, where there was another male there watching it, i start tossing it at the big female, that was just circling the bed, and it hits it twice, and i missed both. So its dark now, i havent seen the fish in about twenty minutes. I also could not see in the water. I toss out, left it for about 10 seconds, twitched it felt the tap and bam set the hook, fought the fish in and ended up a happy fisherman with a 7.34 bass laying in front of me! Got a video too! The bait is still in perfect shape!

From: Trey

Comments: The plastic is just way too f'n fragile. This bait is nice, has great action, it just won't last more than 1 or 2 DECENT fish. I bought mine just after they came out and first use, a fish about 7 pounds nailed it on top, and tore the tail off from the head back.

From: Brian: Santa Paula, CA

Comments: i got this swim bait for my birth day and i went to dimond valley lake well all i knowis that i need to getmoreof these i was fishing dimond valley for 5 hours and i was leaving and i decided to try out my new castaic platium baby bass casted it out and got a hard hit and misted it i casted again and bam got hit again and missed it the hooks arent that great but not bad eathier 3 cast bam he hit and this time he got hooked it was hardpulling him out of weeds got him in nice chunk 8 lb and 5 oz man i was so excited bad thing  is it ripped the swim bait.the tail of the swim bait almost got ripped in half i glued it back thought but i need to get more swimbaitsi rate it 4 stars

From: Brian: Costamesa, CA

Comments:  First cast 6.5# bass on a slow roll, but the bait came back and the back half was gone! Maybe using a stinger system would help, but too delicate for my tastes.

From: Miles: OKC, OK

Comments: Great detail, nice swim, but the plastic is just too soft. This is a delicate bait. I'm saving mine for sight fishing the BIG girls.

From: Ron: Orange Park, FL

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