Castaic Baits Swimbaits

Castaic Baits Swimbaits

Soon after the original Castaic baits hit the market with such force, the need was recognized for a more realistic swimbait. This swimbait needed to be heavy enough to reach the bottom of deeper waters and swim faster over shallow structure. When word leaked out that the designers at Castaic Softbaits were creating such a swimbait that was catching fish for the pro-staff, there was great excitement among the big-bait aficionados. The swimbaits on this page are what caused all the excitement and anglers everywhere are paying homage to these Castaic Swimbaits. These baits have a special harness that is actually molded into the bait itself. This sort of feature provides a ring on the bottom of the lure so that a split ring and a treble hook can be added. These baits are available in trout and baitfish colors and are effective in all four sizes. The larger baits are quite heavy and should not be thrown on light tackle, so be sure to check out our selection of rods that are designed to throw the big plastic.

Length Weight
4" 1.28oz
6" 1.6oz
8" 4.48oz
10" 7.84oz

4 Colors

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    Model No. SBT4BB
    Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 5+ $5.99
    6" 5+ $8.99
    8" 2 $11.49
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    Model No. SBT4BS
    Blue Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 03/03 $5.99
    6" 5+ $8.99
    8" 5+ $11.49
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    Model No. SBT8GS
    Green Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    8" 5+ $11.49
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    Model No. SBT4R
    Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 5+ $5.99
    6" 5+ $8.99
    8" 5+ $11.49
    10" 5+ $14.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought a 8" and a 10". The first 8" had fin molded upside down. Tacklewarehouse was awesome and sent one right away to me. Getting the new 8" bait In, it was time to try them out. Sink horribly sideways to the bottom and of course like every one else they swim sideways with no action unless reeling them in fast. Not how I wanted to start my swimbait journey. 

From: Philip Romero: Katy Texas  1/9/17

Comments: I honestly thought this was a good swimbait when i bought the 4 inch rainbow trout, but The first time i used it i caught a 4 lbs bass on it and have not caught anymore bass on it since.  Also one time i got it snagged and after pulling for a while i thought i got it free but i had broke the hook off of the bait.  I suggest if your looking for a good 4 or 5 inch swimbait to buy a huddleston, savage gear, or river 2 sea.  I have caught a ton of bass on the huddleston weedles shad.  Also this thing doesn't have that great of action.

From: Jonathan: Imperial, CA 7/20/14

Comments: I am not happy with this bait at all, it swims lopsided and i only caught 1 fish on it that tore the body in half. Buy a decoy 5" or a huddelston 6", much better swimbaits

From: Nick: USA

Comments: This really is not a bad swimbait,  it's great for when the fish are aggressive or in deep water. But if I want fish a swimbait slow then I would go with the Huddleston ROF 5. Otherwise this is a decent swimbait.

From: Bobby: Arlington Tx

Comments: I landed two big stripers on back to back casts with this bait in very pressured water. The first fish ripped the tail off, but I still tossed it back out and landed a 20 pounder on my next cast, even without a tail. They are not durable at all. A 15lb fish will destroy one, but for the price, you can't afford to not have one in your box. I did not have any problems hooking fish, but a stinger would be a good addition. If you are bumping stumps and rocks, the lead in the head will break through the nose of the bait. Again, not durable, but will catch fish if you rip it past their face.

From: JDub: NV

Comments: agree with marco... but hudds are way better. These are different though... If the fish are more aggressive these may out fish the hudd because of the boot tail but other than that id stick with the huddleston.

Comments: This bait isn't a knock off of a Huddleston. This Castaic Swimbait is MUCH older than any Huddleston Swimbait. Some trophy hunters used (and some still use) this bait to catch giant bass. Mike Long used the 6" model (rainbow trout) to catch his 20lb12oz bass.

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: this thing sinks like a brick. as soon as this bait hits the bottom it just falls on its side. The crappy ligh wire hook was rusted too. Cheap knock off of a Huddleston DONT waste your time with this bait. hope this review helps!!!

From: Devin: CA

Comments: I have 6 of these that I found at a local store.  I used the blue shad and I have caught 3 big fish, but lost them all while reeling them in.  The one hook does not hook the bass well.  I suggest adding a treble hook to the bottom of the lure.  Big fish do love eating these guys, but I just cannot hook them well. 

From: Steve: St. Paul, MN

Comments: I Luvvv this bait, I would go with this over a hudd any day, I fished this in biting cold winds and white caps at Clear Lake and still managed a 4lb bass

From: Ryan: Lower Lake, CA

Comments: i bought this lure yesterday and try it out, it was awesome was catching striper left and right all over 25 inch.

Comments: It does swim straight, good bait for the price.

From: Trey

Comments: This swim bait arrived on my door step after 4 doors. (faster shipping than I expected) I tried it out today and I caught a good 3 pound bass in a pond that was very low from the Texas, and I didn't even think there were any fish left in it. Overall an awesome bait, especially for the price.

Comments: terrible bait. doesnt swim straight, falls terribly and terrible actioin

Comments: Dull hook, doesn't swim straight unless retrieved perfectly, low durability. go with a huddleston

Comments: I purchased 3 of these and I wasn't happy with the swimming action at all.  They don't swim right.  I'd wished I'd spent the money on the more expensive (but higher quality) Hudds or Jackalls.  But, tacklewarehouse refunded me for them!  AWESOME customer service, it's why they are my favorite online store!

Comments: hook is very dull, needs a stinger, other then that its an OK swimbait. Caught some good fish on it, but if it wasnt for the stinger I wouldnt have caught any. I bought mine at Sports Authority last minute and bad double what TW sales them for.

From: Anthony: Vandenberg afb, Ca

Comments: Very soft, good kick, hook is very dull

From: Chris: Eauclaire, WI

Comments: Great bait, lifelike swimming action. I rig mine with a stinger treble on top and remove the stock hook.

From: Stephen: Greenville, NC

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