Please Note: Frogs not included.

The Castaic Frog Brigade is a floating, invisible umbrella rig that allows you to fish up to 3 frogs at one time.  Perfect for any realistic frog, like Reaction Strike Revolution Frogs or Staggering Gomez Frogs, fishing three topwater frogs at one time is about as exciting as it gets with bass fishing!

Castaic has documented up to 3 fish caught at the same time on this rig, and the strikes you will experience with it are beyond explosive.  Just clip on three of your favorite frogs, and cast the bait up on the mats or near weedbeds, and make sure to use a rod stout enough to wrench up to three large and angry bass out of the thick stuff.

Available in a variety of colors, the Castaic Frog Brigade Topwater Umbrella Rig was designed with the use of frogs in mind, but it also works great with buzzbaits and walk-the-dog topwaters as well.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This thing is amazing looks insane. You can put worms, crank baits, frogs, walk the dog baits, buzz baits, spinnerbaits, Its just incredible. Looks like a school of fish or whatever you use.

From: Chris: USA

Comments: Save your money. Wasn't impressed.

From: Jerod: AL

Comments: I use this with 65 lb test braided line. I put chug bugs, booyah frogs, spros, live targets, sizmic toads, horny toads. i have even tried 1 booyah, a rebel pop-r, and a zara spook all at the same time. It helps to figure out what frog they bite on in the day. I have used big crankbaits I use this as fun thing for my little brother to watch. I have used some wacky worms as well. Some times even texas rigged worms etc.

From: Tanner: Ripon, WI

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