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Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included.

The Castaic Invisi-Rig adds a whole new level of invisibility to the umbrella rig.  Bass can no longer see the metal wires. Castaic has instead incorporated a specially formulated, high tech resin that virtually disappears under water. It is also much lighter than wire, which means your baits tend to "float" and appear more natural to bass. The Invisi-Rig thrives at high pressure lakes, or when more finesse fishing is required.

When bass school offshore, they often form in groups of hundreds of fish. Being the opportunistic predators they are, bass will attack schools of minnows and the Castaic Inivsirig looks just like a school of minnows. 

Cast the Castaic Invisirig, count it down to the correct depth and hang on!  During testing it was very common to catch multiple bass on one cast. Even 3 bass have been captured on one cast!

Castaic Baits  Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
 Invisirig  6.75" 5.5"
Tennessee Shad
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Castaic Invisirig

2 Available Colors

  • Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    3 Wire
  • White Silver Flake
    Size Stock Qty
    3 Wire
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Comments: dont waste your money..if this product went under the testing as claimed I am not sure why they would put it on the market..the baits tangle and come together when retrieved.come on castaic you can do better the this

From: Wayne: Alta Loma, CA

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