Castaic Jerky J School Umbrella Rig

The Castaic Jerky J School Rig allows anglers to catch more bass.  When bass school offshore, they often form in groups of hundreds of fish. Being the opportunistic predators they are, bass will attack schools of minnows, and the Jerky J School rig looks just like a school of minnows. 

Cast the Castaic Jerky J School rig, count it down to the correct depth and hang on! During testing it was very common to catch multiple bass on one cast. Even 5 bass have been captured on one cast! Featuring a Tin head construction for the ultimate in strength and lightweight (Tin is much lighter than lead, yet much stronger than plastic resins), the entire Castaic Jerky J School Rig weighs under 3/4oz for easy casting.

Instructions: Just clip on your favorite lures, and you are ready to go.  The Castaic Jerky J School Rig has been extensively tested with numerous baits. Castaic Baits' favorites include the Castaic Jerky J SwimsCastaic Baby Jerky J Swims, 3.5" and 4" Reaction Strike Fathead Jr.

Professional bass angler, Paul Elias used an Umbrella-rig to run away with the win at the October 2011 Lake Guntersville FLW Tour Open. (The entire top-5 actually used Umbrella-rig as well). Dan Morehead also used the Umbrella-rig to win at the Kentucky Lake Everstart Championship, as did Scott Brummett at the Walmart BFL Wheeler Lake Regional.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

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 Castaic Baits Wire Length
Jerky J School Umbrella Rig  6"

2 Colors

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    Model No. 3X5UMB-TS
    Tennessee Shad
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    3 Wire 2 $11.99
    5 Wire 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. 3X5UMB-WSF
    White Silver Flake
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    3 Wire 3 $11.99
    5 Wire 5+ $12.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: bought one today so far its great . but wires do feel weak.

From: Jonathan: VA

Comments: Least favorite A-rig wire has broken on all 3 I bought

From: John: Huntsville, AL

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