Catch'em Caro JA Quick

Catch'em Caro JA Quick

The Catch’em Caro JA Quick is a hefty topwater bait that walks-the-dog with ease and puts off a big profile. Since it has more weight and mass than your average walking bait, it moves a lot more water too, and the extra weight also means you can cast it a lot farther - even in the wind. Proven to call the big girls up from deep water, it’s just as deadly over shallow weed flats early in the morning or at sunset. Designed by Rich Caro, he named the JA Quick after John Alice Quick, who were like grandparents to him growing up, and as a kid took him to Clear Lake to catch some of his first catfish. Another deadly creation from Catch’em Caro, the JA Quick topwater bait features a hand-made wooden body, custom detailing and durable, super strong stainless steel hardware.

Catchem Caro Bait Co. recommends using a 7’ Medium-Heavy rod with no less than 10-pound test line when fishing the Catch’em Caro JA Quick.

Catch'em Caro Length Weight Class
JA Quick 5-1/2" 2-oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this bait is great,rich caro gave me one to try out b4 they where released,this thing can cast so dang far it feels like 5min go by b4 it gets puts out aloooot of wake/dog walkn action.should be a big producer in summer.

From: Steve: USA

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