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In the Classic Patterns: Adapting to Conditions DVD, professional angler Dave Wolakdemonstrates the importance of adapting to conditions as he visits a few different lakes across the country. Some of the lakes are vastly different from when he was there last and each one poses its own set of challenges.

Segment 1: Cold Water Smallmouth - Considered an expert on New York’s Finger Lakes, including Keuka, Dave Wolak is experiencing cold weather in his pursuit of the area’s smallmouth that grow big but are not always the easiest to catch.

Segment 2: Cold Weather - Late fall on North Carolina’s Lake Shearon Harris and the temperatures are downright frigid. As the day warms up, clear skies keep the fish buried in the thickest cover Dave can find – just right for flipping a Yum Wooley Bug and a Big Show Craw for big largemouths.

Segment 3: Falcon’s Giants - Dave Wolack is returning to Falcon Lake in Texas for the first time in almost a year and the water is nearly 20 feet higher than he remembers it. He’s excited, but the places where he caught them in the past are all but useless.

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