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Classic Patterns Behind the Scenes: Life on the Road We see the magazines and watch them on TV or web videos and envy these guys for the fact that they get to fish for a living but what really happens on the tournament trail? In Behind the Scenes: Life on the Road, see what professional anglers really go through in the highly competitive arena of Bass fishing. From pre-fishing and tournament preparation to the winners and heartbreak losers at the weigh-in, Professional Bass Fishing is a serious sport and these are the guys who push our sport to new levels day in and day out. These guys true professionals and the ones who we look up to, see what they go through to get the job done and what makes them tick. Check out the "Product Video" link underneath the image to preview DVD. 

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Comments: Great DVD but its short and no reel fishing stuff to water.. But this liked watching it!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

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