Cobra Black Heads 10pk

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Cobra Black Heads 10pk
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The Cobra Black Heads are constructed from durable hard plastic, and designed to be rigged in front of your weightless soft plastic baits. Perfect for those time when you are fishing heavy cover with a Texas- or Carolina-rig, they screw into your baits and keep them from slipping down the hook shank when it encounters a snag. A valuable innovation, the Cobra Black Heads save your baits and keep them in the proper position on the hook shank.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: liked the idea of black head for horny toad fishing however after 4 different heads, i am sad to say on the first bite with each one the spring came out of the head.after a struggle to pop it back in the spring came out every time.not a good thing.

From: Robert: Lexington, NC

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