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The Cobra Bobber Stops are perfect for flipping, pitching, and punching applications when targeting heavy cover, and pegging your weight is necessary to achieve the proper presentation. The wire applicators also make it very easy to affix the Bobber Stops to your line. Simply thread your line through the wire loop and slide the Cobra Bobber Stop onto your line. It's as easy as that.

Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the worst punch stop that TW sells. I got a pack of them and I use 50 lbs braid on the delta and they rip on about ever 20-30 flips. If you enjoy having to put a new stop on every hour buy these.

From: Tony: CA

Comments: you can still use them even if the wire comes off, they are good stops

From: J: IL

Comments: I bought these and they work really good. The wire does not come loose for me and I'm going to keep using them. It's also a 18pk so thats pretty good!

From: Neal: CT

Comments: Junk. The stops are good but what good is it if the wire keeps coming loose every time you try to slide the stop onto the line. I'm going back to the 6th Sense ones.....

From: Kevin: Burleson, TX

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