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Winner of the 2014 ICAST - Best Footwear

The Columbia MegaVent Shoe isn’t your run-of-the-mill sneaker. Built specifically for on-water conditions, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe comes loaded with angler-friendly design features that are sure to impress.

Starting with the midsole, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe incorporates ports that drain water quickly and vent air back to foot on hot days for maximum breathability. Providing the utmost in traction, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe is built with razor-siped soles that grip to the boat deck and the dock. Offering superior comfort, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe is built with an enhanced foot bed and cushioned heel that reduces the impact of a long day on your feet.

Wrapped in a PU casting and covered with Columbia’s exclusive Blood-N-Guts stain treatment, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe sheds water, messy attractants, fish slime, and any other fish-related blemishes with ease. Fitted with speed laces for easy-on easy-off, the Columbia MegaVent Shoe delivers exceptional comfort and the type of on-water performance that will keep you focused on the fish ­– not your feet. 

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Columbia MegaVent Shoe

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