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Finally ... a solution for uncomfortable leg position while fishing. The ComforTroll installs easily in any bass boat and allows your foot assembly to sit flush with the deck surface. Aside from adding a clean look to your casting deck, it also allows for a safer, more stable stance, while greatly reducing leg and back pain - helping you fish comfortably all day and even avoid injury. Constructed from heavy-duty 1/8" aluminum that is powder coated for added protection, the ComforTroll has a universal fit and installs in approximately 1 hour. An Installation Kit, included with each unit, is equipped with all the parts you need for proper installation.

Dimensions: 17.5" x 9.5" x 4"

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Comments: Great product, extremely strong, wish the template was a little better, flimsy paper hard to deal with when your trying to get it perfectly straight. Little tip after you get it taped down where you want it, cut a small hole in the dead center just large enough to get a tape measure in to make sure you have the proper clearance. That way you still have a little room for adjustment. When I did that, I found my middle storage box wall was much thicker than I thought and I only had 1/4" clearance instead of the 1" I thought I had.

From: Kirk: TN 8/21/14

Comments: This is a great product.  Very heavy duty and easy to install.  My only suggestion is to cut outside the template line.  I cut right on the line and had to go back with a different saw to open up the hole.  Looks sharp!!!!!!  Took about 2 hours to install and 45 minutes of that was making sure that my measurement was perfect.

From: Tim: Kalispell, MT 6/27/14

Comments: Great product. I looked at other mounts that were fiberglass and plastic and was concerned with warping or the lip cracking under heavy loads.  This is all aluminum material and can support heavy loads.  Installation was not so bad for a first time installer. I wish the templete had a centerline for true allignment but you can draw one on your own. The option of running your powerline thru the boat makes it look sharp. Do not forget to put a chamfer on the edge of the cutout, this will allow the mount to sit flush on the floor.

From: Jerry: Vail, AZ

Comments: Bought the red one to match my boat's hull.  Took a little over an hour to install after making sure I wasn't cutting through any major structural parts of my aluminum bass boat (2007 Lowe Stinger 190).  No more standing on one leg like a flamingo...

From: Chad: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comments: OMG, wish this available 30+ years ago.

From: Gary: Atascadero, CA

Comments: Excellent design and build quality. Easy but nerve racking install. Took about 1 hour to measure and convince myself I chose the right spot. And about 30 min for the actual install. My fishing posture is now much more relaxed and hopefully this will help me with lower back pain after tournaments. Only con I have is the template should be a thin cardboard rather than regular paper.

From: Dan: Hebron, CT

Comments: Awesome.  Took about 1.5 hrs to install and makes a world of difference.  I ran my trolling motor wires under the deck and it really cleaned it up.  The deck seems MUCH bigger with the pedal recessed and it REALLY saves your back after a long day of fishing.

From: Chris: Acworth, GA

Comments:Very Good product. Got mine for my birthday and installed it myself here at my house, took my time and was done in less than two hours. Very easy to install, just measure 2 times and cut once! Makes an 8hr day of fishing much easier.

From:Jay: Livermore, CA

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