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In a tournament setting you’re not only competing against other anglers, but the clock as well, which is why Comfortroll has made a quick and decisive way to cull your fish with the Comfortroll Balance Beam. Constructed with extra-durable aluminum and fitted with oversized split rings, the Comfortroll Balance Beam will give you an immediate answer as to which fish should go and which should stay.  The oversized clips can easily be worked with gloves on and the elongated design effortlessly slips behind the gills of fish, rather than puncturing the jaw. Available in a number of colors, the Comfortroll Balance Beam is a speedy way to recognize which fish will accompany you to weigh-ins.  

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Comfortroll Balance Beams

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  • Black
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    Out $25.99
  • Blue
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    2+ $25.99
  • Red
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    1 $25.99
  • Stainless Steel
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    Out $32.99

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