Conquistador Conquest Super Hard Lead Weights 10pk

Conquistador Conquest Super Hard Lead Weights 10pk

The Conquistador Conquest Super Hard Lead Bullet Weights are made with a special lead formula that is much harder than the standard lead used in most bullet weights. The added hardness better transmits vibration, giving you a much better feel of the bottom and fish holding structure. Available in a range of sizes, the Conquest Super Hard Lead Bullet Weights offer increased sensitivity similar to that of tungsten - at a much lower cost.

10 per pack


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    Model No. HLW-1
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    1/2oz 5+ $4.49
    1 oz 10+ $4.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  buy your self some black spray paint, and some locklite epoxy and paint them up and put the epoxy on, they look great, i like to buy cheaper stuff and make it look like the good stuff. one downside of the weights is they are way bigger than the tungsten but the bass could care less, when punching it is a reaction bite, go get um boys!!!!

Comments: I use the 1oz weights for punching mats when I can't afford to loose a tungsten. They are about the size of a 1.5oz tungsten weight and are very tough. These are much harder than regular lead weights and do not get banged up like a regular lead weight. I prefer tungsten due to the smaller size. However, these weights are great for teaching your fishing buddy to punch when you don't want to give them an $8 weight. 

From: Fred: LA

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