Costa Del Mar Corbina Sunglasses

$168.99 - $248.99

Aggesively styled and expertly made, the Costa Del Mar Corbina Sunglasses are made for the angler on a mission. Built with Costa Del Mar’s patented 580P technology to provide remarkable clarity, the Corbina Sunglasses allow you to spot fish in open water, or tie the lightest of line without obstruction. Stainless steel hinges guarantee that your eyewear won’t rust when exposed to water.

Every point in which the glasses come into contact with your face is covered with a co-inject polymer that is super comfortable and also grips to your face whenever perspiration occurs. Assembled by hand in Costa Del Mar’s Florida facility, the Corbina Sunglasses are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Costa Del Mar Corbina Sunglasses are serious eyewear for the serious angler. 


-Lens Size: 62mm/38mm
-Temple Length: 125mm
-Bridge/DBL: 19.5mm/18.5mm
-Base Curve: 8 base
-Frame Material: Nylon
-Size: Large

580 Lenses - Costa del Mar's most high-tech lenses are loaded with technology. Costa's 580 technology blocks yellow light at 580 nanometers, while enhancing reds, blues and greens - offering sharper contrast, better definition and enhanced colors in any environment. They also offer 100% polarization and 100% UV protection.

Grey - Maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sunlight conditions. This color provides excellent versatility for sports on the water or the land.

Amber - Excellent all-around lens color that delivers the brightest field of vision. A great choice for fishing, driving and activities where high contrast is needed.

Sunrise Silver Mirror* – High contrast specialty lenses made for sight fishing at dawn and dusk. Great for low light and overcast conditions. 27% light transmission.

*Sunrise lenses do not pass ANSI Z80.3 traffic signal recognition and are not suitable for driving.


5 Colors

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    Model No. CB-11-OGMGLP
    Black/W580 Green Mirror Glass
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $248.99
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    Model No. CB-11-OSCGLP
    Black/W580 Silver Mirror
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $248.99
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    Model No. CB 01 OSSP
    Blackout/580P SR Silver Mirror
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $188.99
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    Model No. CB-01-OBMGLP
    Blackout/W580 Blue Mirror
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $248.99
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    Model No. CB-11-OGP
    Matte Black/580P Grey
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $168.99

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