Costa Del Mar Hamlin Sunglasses

$168.99 - $248.99

Winner of the 2014 ICAST - Best Eyewear

Until now Costa’s patented 580 mirror lens was only available in glass. The new Costa Del Mar Hamlin Sunglasses now deliver 580 lens performance - in super lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate material. Lighter in weight and stratch-resistant, the new plastic 580 mirror lenses also offer increased impact resistance for improved safety. You never know what is going to be flying in your direction when you’re out on the water, and keeping your eyes safe is paramount. The Hamlin’s also deliver an extra large fit for maximum coverage with heavy duty TR 90 nylon frames and stainless steel integral hinges for long-lasting durability.

Costa’s 580 lenses block yellow light - the harshest light - from entering the eye at the 580 nanometer on the light spectrum. The result is an unmatched level of polarization and razor sharp color enhancement. The lenses feature a premium anti-reflective coating, and protect against harmful UV rays, allowing eyes to truly relax while on the water.

Costa’s 580P mirrors feature the brand’s C-WALL technology, a highly specialized oleophobic and hydrophobic coating which repels oil, water and dust. The lens color options include the blue mirror (on a gray base), and the green and silver mirror (both on a copper base). All of Costa’s 580 mirror lenses block light at a slightly higher transmission rate than non-mirror lenses, providing an extra layer of protection from the sun’s damaging glare. Built by hand and backed for life, every pair of Costa Del Mar Hamlin Sunglasses includes a lifetime warranty.

-Comfortable Extra-Large Fit
-Stainless Steel Integral Hinge
-Heavy-Duty TR 90 Nylon Frames
-100% UV Light Blockage for Maximum Protection
-100% Polarization Kills Reflected Glare and Reduces Eye Strain.
-Includes Hard Case

3 Colors

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    Model No. HL-11-OGMGLP
    Black/W580 Green Mirror Glass
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    1 $248.99
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    Model No. HL 11 0BMP
    Matte Black/580P Blue Mirror
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $168.99
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    Model No. HL 10 OBMP
    Tortoise/580P Blue Mirror
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $168.99

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