The Cotton Cordell Suspending Super Spot is an old classic that is still catching fish. Most shops don't carry this old forgotten lipless crankbait however, here at Tackle Warehouse, we like to provide some hard to find baits that guys have been using for years. In spring time, try the crawfish color, or in the fall when bass are chasing bait all over the place, try the chrome/blue. Rip 'em through the grass or burn 'em down the bank, either way, the Suspending Super Spot from Cotton Cordell will be a sure catch.

Cotton Cordell Length Weight Hook Size Dive Depth Class
Super Spot Susp. 3" 3/8oz #4 0-3ft Suspending

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Chrome/black color works amazing in late august/early september, fast retrieve, slight pause is where the fish hit. Good luck

From: Alex: IL

Comments: When fish are suspended during fall turnover this is what I'm throwing 90% of the time. The other 10% I'm jigging trees with a slab spoon.  Just pump and rip it as fast as you possibly can, then stop and let it sit for 5 seconds. Repeat.  Use a long medium/light action spinning rod to absorb the impact and set your drag loose.  Also, spinning reels take up line faster than a baitcaster. When they won't hit anything else, this thing annoys them into biting.

From: carphugger: IN

Comments: These CC suspending rattle-traps work the best when casted along side grass or hydrilla patch. Burn the lure back to you the first time, this will get predatory fish's attention. Thinking, It missed a meal that swam right by. Cast to the same spot, but this time use a slow roll without letting the lure sink to the bottom, stopping slightly every now and then, they will hammer it every time.

From: Brandon: Tampa, FL

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