The Culprit Tailgate Special Jig Trailer was developed to be the most innovative jig trailer available.  Offering a killer crawfish imitation, it was designed with input from five-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, Dustin Wilks.  The thin body of the Tailgate Special easily slides up the hook shank of a jig to securely hold it in place, and since jigs have varying hook shank lengths, the body can be trimmed to fit virtually any length. Available in several colors, the Culprit Tailgate Special Jig Trailer's large oversized claws also produce a tremendous action on the drop to illicit those quick reaction strikes.

"This is the most innovative trailer I’ve ever used and it will be a fixture in my boat." - Dustin Wilks, professional bass angler.

Length Quantity
4" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: The trailer of all trailers! Talk about action! The tailgate will call up some big ones for you! Add your favorite color to your spinnerbaits or jigs and hang on!

From: Kenneth: MS

Comments: finally a trailer bait that WORKS! the legs flap independently and that is why they are sooo effective. there is no better swim jig trailer sold period. they also work behind blades or alone as a craw imitation later in the fall.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Great jig trailer, can't go wrong. buy them now..!

From: Kory: Boston, MA

Comments: This is the most awsome jig/spinnerbait trailer. The big claws creates lots of vibration. The claws will stand straight up. Can also be modified and used as a chunk.

From: John: Wesley Chapel, FL

Comments: This is a great jig trailer. I use them all the time in my Guide Service. It workes and that is all I ask of a bait. I need lures to catch fish when your getting paid it has to work. Thanks Culprit for all you do for me and my guide service Hawg Gobbler.    

From: Bo: Central Texas

Comments: Thanks to culprit for coming up with the most versitile trailers on the market , the size of the claws help stand the jig up and you can thread it on or pinch the end off and use it like a chunk , awesome!

From: Mike: Disputanta, VA

Comments: By far my favorite jig trailer to throw! Especially in dirty water because of the massive water displacement similar to the creature craw. A jig trailer you have to try!

From: Sam: Knoxville, TN

Comments: This is one of the best jig trailers on the market! The arms on the trailer stand up while in the water creating a lifelike presentation that the bass can't resist!

From: Taylor: Oneonta, AL

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