The Culprit Ultimate Hollow Body Frog features likelike frog markings and a wild "kicking" tail design that responds with the slightest movement of the lure or water current, setting off attention-getting vibrations in the water. Culprit's Ultimate Hollow Body Frog can be fished over pads without hanging, swam across the surface like a buzzbait or finessed through vegetation with ease. One frog is pre-rigged with a double shank hook for easier hook-sets. The Culprit Ultimate Hollow Body Frog is a versatile bait that is offered in a wide range of colors to "match-the-hatch".

-one pre-rigged frog
-two unrigged frogs

Length Quantity
4.5" 3

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Culprit Ultimate Frog is one my favorite frogs to fish the tails action is great! I've caught many fish dragging this bait over the pads! This bait is also good to throw around grass the bass come out of the grass and crush the frog! I love fishing this frog it's one of the best!

From: Trace: Bossier City, LA

Comments: The Culprit Buzz Frog is a good bait to throw when the frog bite is on.  Throw them across Lily pads, hydrilla, past stumps and stick-ups and slowly retrieve them back allowing the tantilizing action of the legs to stir up the water on the surface. They come in a great color selction and are a true hollow-belly frog. However, one problem that I have noticed is that the hook that the 3 pk comes with isnt a very good hook to use. I have tested them out with the pre-packaged double shank hook and I find that after a few casts, the coil in front of the hook that is used to hold the frog in place tends to slide down and off in an "awk" postion thus inhibiting the action on the retrieve. Also, I would not recommemd throwing this frog into a lot of "heavy" grass and cover because the shank of the pre-packaged hook tends to foil up and get caught in the "stuff". I would suggest using this frog in light to moderate surface cover. I would like to see Culprit sometime soon enlarge the profile of this bait, keep the same kind of swimming legs and add a double shank frog hook similar to that of a Spro frog. I believe that if they figured out a way to make these slight modifications to this great frog they would make it even greater and perhaps the best frog on the market. I love the action of this bait and if it would have the size, and profile of a Spro frog it would be a killer!

From: Kyle: Saugus, MA

Comments:I was unimpressed with these frogs. The hook they come with is a good concept and fit the frogs well but it was all bent up after 2 dinks, definitely not a hook you want on in a tournament. Also, the frogs feet don't wiggle and churn nearly as much water as many other buzz frogs I have used.

From:Jody: Shaftsbury, VT

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