Terrorize the surface of frog-infested waters with the Culprit Ultimate Solid Body Frog. Covered in lifelike markings, the Culprit Solid Body Frog calls to bass with its wild “kicking” legs that churn and sputter to produce tons of vibration. The Culprit Ultimate Solid Body Frog responds to the slightest movement, and can be paused around hot spots to generate a tempting, slow-sink presentation. As a bonus, one frog comes pre-rigged with a super-sharp double frog hook, so you can open the package and be ready to fish immediately. Offered in a number of lifelike amphibian colors, the Culprit Ultimate Solid Body Frog has the look and the action to turn bass’ attention towards the surface.

Includes one Pre-Rigged Frog & two Un-Rigged Frogs 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: haven't use these frogs yet but looking at these baits I'm impressed. The plastic is very durable and one frog comes pre-rigged. These are good frogs for the price.

From: Peter: Chicago, IL 2/23/15

Comments: Awesome bait. Comes prigged for you. Even better than the toppers. Buzz it and hold on.

From: Ethan: Ontario, Canada

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