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The umbrella rig has been an old standby among saltwater fisherman for years. Just recently, this rig has gained the attention of bass anglers through several high profile wins at major tournaments. The Cumberland Pro Castable Umbrella Rig simulates a school of baitfish, a presentation that very few bass have seen. The main advantage of the umbrella rig is potentially catching 5 fish in a single cast. Made of super strong wire, a rotating joint, top of the line swivels and snaps, and a wire leader, you can be assured that this rig will not tear up when you get into fish. The rig works tremendously well on bass, stripers and other game fish suspending in and around baitfish. The Cumberland Pro Lures Castable Umbrella Rig can accommodate a wide range of baits such as swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits or jigs.

Professional bass angler, Paul Elias, recently used a similar version of the umbrella rig to run away with the win at the Lake Guntersville FLW Tour Open in October 2011. Dan Morehead also used an umbrella rig to win at the Kentucky Lake EverStart Championship, while Scott Brummett took the title at the Walmart BFL Wheeler Lake Regional as well using an umbrella rig.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Disregard the comments from the amateurs who had problems casting this rig.  I threw this rig in Mexico with a 7'11" heavy swimbait rod and had no issues.  Your arms might get tired from throwing this thing loaded with swimbaits, but its worth the pain.  Boated 70 fish in one morning.  Landed 10 doubles and 2 triples.  Probably the most insane couple of hours in my bass fishing career!!  If they're eating swimbaits, tie this thing on immediately and ENJOY!! "Cinco swimbaits Mauricio!"

From: Kevin: Columbia Falls, MT

Comments: If you like catching fish with equipment that works well, then this rig is probably not for you.  If you like a rig that tangles on 4 out of 5 casts no matter what different lures you attach, and that as a result is utterly useless, then I recommend the cumberland umbrella rig.  It rates highly on the fail-o-meter.  Buy something else, this is a poor design.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: This rig is heavy then most rigs. The four baits also revolve around the center bait which making it tangle mess when casted. It will probably outlast most other rigs because thick hardware. The idea is there, but for the same price you can get the flashier, more efficient rig.

From: Anthony: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: Have used this rig twice and let me tell you, it works! A little heavy but I throw it on a 7'6 Heavy Flipping rod on 65lb braid and have no problems.  Very well built and swins great in the water.  First day I used it I caught an 8lber and had a 21lb limit. 

From: Orlando, FL

Comments: I have one and it works like a charm. Cast it out with a swimbait and it will get some attention. This rig is a little heaver than some, so you need to cast in 5 foot or more to keep it off the bottem.

From: Fishbell: Fort Mill, SC

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