Show those ledge fish a different look with the Custom Bass Tackle Premium Hair Jig.  "Stroking" the hair on offshore humps and shellbeds has long been a secret among ledge fishermen on Lake Eufaula, Kentucky Lake, and other Tennessee River impoundments.  The secret is out now - and Tackle Warehouse customers can take advantage of this specialty jig. Like all of CBT products, attention to detail with lifelike 3D eyes, a custom painted head, quality deer hair, and flashy mylar gives you that distinct quality look.  

Various colors are available for all types of conditions, and these hair jigs come in three sizes: the 1/2-oz has a 4/0 Mustad Black Nickel Hook, the 5/8-oz has a 5/0 Mustad Black Nickel hook, and the 3/8-oz has a 3/0 Black Nickle Hook.  The Custom Bass Tackle Premium Hair Jigs in the 5/8- and 1/2-oz sizes are big hair jigs.  For spotted bass and smallmouth, Custom Bass Tackle recommends the 3/8-oz Mini Hair Jig.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: nice jigs would never buy hair jigs or any other jig  for 10 bucks

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: $10 is way too much for a hairjig/bucktail it is tied with too much thread and the hair pulls out very easily there are lots of other better hair jigs out there for less money that pirahnas couldnt chew the hair out of

From: Ron: USA

Comments: They are the best hair jig ever made. You have to pay for top quality. Sweet good job CBT!!!

From: Michael: Albany, GA

Comments: These are nice hair jigs but 10 bucks for 1 jig is outrageous!!  You could make 3-4 of them yourself for that much.

From: John: New jersey, USA

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