As fishing pressure continues to mount, it can be harder and harder to get fish to react using the same mass-produced color patterns as everyone else. The Custom Bass Tackle BDS 3 solves that problem with several unique, ultra realistic paint jobs - the likes of which most bass have never seen. Custom Bass Tackle, one of the most recognized names in the lure painting business, has been custom painting lures for over 10 years. Extremely durable, each lure is hand painted using only the finest airbrush, paint and clear coat on the market. Get that extra edge with the Custom Bass Tackle BDS 3 Crankbait.

Custom Bass Tackle Length Weight Dive Depth Class
BDS-3 3" 1/2oz 2-3ft. Floating

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments:Some of the finest custom paint jobs anywhere. CBT's baits have meant the difference between catching fish and not on several occasions. Besides customizing and making awesome baits, the folks at CBT are top notch!

From:Jon: Bonaire, GA

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