A unique vibrating jig engineered specifically for soft plastic swimbaits, the D&M Custom Baits Piranha Baby Beast Swim Jig was created in response to more and more bass anglers pairing their Piranha Swim Jig with a swimbait trailer. After months of testing out different hook sizes and configurations, D&M chose the smaller 4/0 Owner Beast hook.

The Owner Beast Hook features a small coil wire keeper that holds yours swimbait trailer firmly in place for a streamlined and effective presentation that delivers the sought after two-way action with the head and swimbait swimming erratically. D&M also recommends rigging your swimbaits tex-posed style, which helps keep the Piranha Baby Beast from gathering vegetation or becoming snagged up in obstructions. Featuring a smaller hook than the original Piranha Beast, the D&M Custom Baits Piranha Baby Beast Swim Jig is a force to be reckoned with anytime it hits the water.

Don't forget to check out the D&M Custom Baits Piranha Beast Swim Jig with a 6/0 Owner Beast hook for larger swimbaits.

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