D&M Custom Baits created the Piranha Beast Swim Jig after noticing the ever-growing trend of bass anglers pairing up their Piranha Swim Jigs with a swimbait trailer. After months of testing out different hook sizes and configurations, D&M decided on the 6/0 Owner Beast hook - and the Piranha Beast was born.

The Owner Beast Hook features a small coil wire keeper that holds yours swimbait trailer firmly in place for a streamlined and effective presentation that delivers the sought after two-way action with the head and swimbait swimming erratically. D&M also recommends rigging your swimbaits tex-posed style, which helps keep the Piranha Beast from gathering vegetation or becoming snagged up in obstructions. A unique vibrating jig engineered specifically for soft plastic swimbaits, the D&M Custom Baits Piranha Beast Swim Jig tears through the competition.

Don't forget to check out the D&M Custom Baits Piranha Baby Beast Swim Jig with a 4/0 Owner Beast hook for smaller swimbaits.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've always been a big D&M fan however $10 for a chatterbait is WAY overpriced. I understand the owner beast hook is a rather expensive hook but c'mon.

From: CJ: PA 6/10/14

Comments: Honestly for the price these are not worth it... the hook is way oversized and unnecessary. My favorite bladed swim jibs by far are from Taylor Manns Custom lures. The color selection is top notch. 

From: Matt: Ontaro 5/31/14

Comments: The hook on this thing is massive. Almost too massive. Pricetag is way too expensive for this bait. Color selection is not as good as their other chatterbaits. I actually prefer the original D&M Piranha chatterbait to this one. Revenge also makes a good chatterbait that has a weedless rigging option and is cheaper.

From: Daniel: Austin, TX 4/7/14

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